C. Grant & Company is a group of spirited, strong individuals who have come together to help people leading remarkable organizations shape a different, better future.


C. Grant & Company is a Momentum Management firm that partners with visionaries and leaders who have high ambitions for a different, better future.  We work to advance their mission not only by accelerating growth, but by increasing the rate of growth year over year.  We help them Grow Faster Faster™.  We identify momentum drivers and craft research, strategy, and marketing programs to understand, attract, and retain the right employees, customers, and partners.  How can we help you move ahead?

Winsome, affirming and encouraging… Intense with good doses of fun and laughter…One of the brightest marketing firms we have seen…their strategic planning, market research and promotional programs have yielded critical insights into our brand and how to develop our target markets. Highly recommended.

Michael Perry President, SpringHill Camps Evart, MI

We work with people we like on projects we believe in.

Our Story

We work with people we like on projects we believe in.

That not-so-noble statement sums up the vision we’ve had since our founding in 2000. After 21 years as a corporate marketing leader, Chris Grant traded the French cuffs and shiny shoes for the chance to start the kind of firm he wanted to work with when he sat on the other side of the desk. Small enough to be focused, but large enough to crush complex projects. A team of proven “hitters,” not wannabes. A broad portfolio of capabilities so solutions aren’t recycled. Momentum changers who you can stand being in the room with. Just scroll down to see the markets and organizations we serve.

We value agility, trust, intuition, data, focus, faith, fun, and that little gap where the light comes in and changes things for everyone.

We’re not great at self-promotion. The irony isn’t lost on us. Fortunately, our clients pick up the slack. We’d love for you to join them. Should we talk?

Our Capabilities

Strategic Planning

Research and Product Development

Traditional and Digital Advertising

Web Design and Maintenance

Content and Social Media Marketing

Publicity and Corporate Communications

Self-Publishing and Author Services

We bring lots of “and’s” to the table. They allow us to solve problems, not recycle solutions.

Our Work

our work

business camps Non-Profits education publishing

We value agility, trust, intuition, data, focus, faith, fun, and that little gap where the light comes in.

Our Team

Chris Grant

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cgc-email-icons chris at cgrantandcompany .com

About Chris...

Christopher Grant is a graduate of Wheaton College and earned a Masters Degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. He was Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications at The ServiceMaster Company, Vice President of Marketing at Zondervan, and Vice President at Christianity Today, International. He is currently adjunct marketing professor at Wheaton College.

Jymette Seager

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About Jymette...

Prior to joining C. Grant & Company in 2004, Jymette Seager was Public Relations/Communications Director for Associated Agencies, Inc. and in marketing at Mobil Oil Corporation. She has a degree in Communications from Purdue University and is a member of Purdue’s Athletic Hall of Fame.

julie busteed

Julie Busteed

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About Julie...

Julie Busteed held a variety of positions at ServiceMaster, Moody Memorial Church and The Christian Working Woman. She is a graduate of Bethel University (MN) and is an accomplished cook and caterer.

tiffany self

Tiffany Self

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About Tiffany

Tiffany Self is a public relations professional with a media focus in both traditional—print and broadcast—and social media outlets. Before joining C. Grant & Company, she was the media relations director at Wheaton College (Ill.), where she interfaced with Chicago media and national media, including the “Today Show,” Fox News Network, CNN, Chicago Tribune and The New York Times. Tiffany holds a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Sciences from Northwest University (Wash.).

mark neal

Mark Neal

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About Mark...

A Google-certified Adwords professional, Mark Neal graduated from Wheaton College and earned a Master’s degree from National-Louis University. He was a newspaper reporter, has published poetry and articles in various print and online journals. He is currently at work co-authoring a book on C.S. Lewis.

ann wank

Ann Wank

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About Ann...

Ann Wank owned an ice cream shop. She knows how to run a business and have fun too.  Perfect. She also was marketing director for Wilson Sporting Goods and National Sales/Marketing manager for Reebok, Intl. She is a graduate of Purdue University.

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