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jessie reesSeptember is childhood cancer awareness month. As we work together to raise this awareness, let’s spread some joy! Share a Virtual JoyJar®* with all of your friends and family. Use your social networks to get the word out and give someone a smile today.

Then, if you haven’t read Never Ever Give Up: The Inspiring Story of Jessie and Her JoyJars by Erik Rees, order it here. This book shares the important story of Jessie’s dream to bring joy to other kids walking the cancer journey, while she herself was in treatment. Take a cue from a tween girl, and join the movement she founded: Never Ever Give Up!

1 out of 300 kids will have cancer before age 20.
More than 175,000 are diagnosed worldwide each year.
More than 100,000 JoyJars®* have been stuffed and sent to kids
in all 50 states and in 27 countries.

*What is a JoyJar®? It’s a large jar filled with activities, toys, and other items created to bring a smile to the face of a child with cancer.


Share a Virtual JoyJar®

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Jessie's Wish

jessie reesThe Jessie Rees Foundation was, and always will be, inspired by one courageous and compassionate 12 year old little girl. Her name, Jessica Joy Rees, better known as “Jessie.” Jessie was a faith-filled, beautiful, athletic, caring and loving twelve year old girl who courageously fought two brain tumors (DIPG) from March 3, 2011 to January 5, 2012. She loved her family very much and her puppy Mr. Moe.

During her courageous 10 month fight with two brain tumors, 12 year old Jessie Rees asked her parents to help encourage every kid fighting cancer to never ever give up. Jessie's Wish is the sole mission of her foundation.

jessie rees