Non-profits are an important part of communities throughout the U.S. and are often doing the work of God and, in some cases, not even realizing the profound impact they are having on those in need. We understand the challenges that these organizations face in the midst of tumultuous political and financial climates in cities across our country. Our team believes in the mission of non-profits and our hearts align with making lives, deeper, richer and better as a result of the work non-profit leaders are making in thousands of lives.

We’re believers. We provide marketing from strategic planning to promotion and social media for non-profits, churches, and ministries to expand their impact, raise funds, and recruit staff and volunteers. We want to help your organization, too.


Our Clients Include:

high callingDigital Advertising

The High Calling, an online organization that resources users desiring to connect faith and work, wanted to increase user engagement across its social media channels and amplify its message to existing audiences to develop brand awareness in additional new markets. They also wanted to increase subscriptions to free online daily and weekly devotions.

fb-tw-li-goC. Grant & Company ran advertising campaigns across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google to boost performance on these networks. Facebook engagement during the period of the campaign increased by more than 1,100%, YouTube views by more than 700,000. AdWords conversion rates for newsletter subscriptions ranked in the top 10% of all AdWords advertisers and resulted in thousands of new subscribers.

hc-millMillennial Research Overview

The High Calling wanted to better understand the millennial market in relation to issues surrounding faith and work in order to organize a content/marketing plan to reach this segment of consumers appropriately.

graphsC. Grant & Company first conducted extensive market and demographic research on the millennial generation. We then created customized interviews based on this research and organized focus groups in numerous areas around the country to discover millennial affinity to subjects relating to faith and work; what content would reach them and what wouldn’t. We utilized a polling technology that allowed participants to respond to questions via mobile devices in real time. This research provided The High Calling with an accurate understanding of the Millennial market, allowing them to make data-driven decisions on content and marketing.


We were very happy with the results of the research conducted for Apartment Life by C. Grant & Company.  They listened to our needs and created research that effectively addressed our questions.  We had a number of productive sessions unpacking the findings and found them to be very helpful to our ministry.  I can recommend them without hesitation.”–Stan Dobbs, President, Apartment Life

C. Grant & Company helps you put all the pieces together– Even the pieces you can’t see… helped us shine…and be successful for the long-term.” –Doug Franklin President, Leadertreks Carol Stream, IL

… a valuable resource that will work with you as a “hands on” partner with your best interests in mind…natural curiosity and network of resources are welcome assets …I would certainly recommend …” –Linda Stanley, Vice President/Team Leader Leadership Network

C. Grant & Company provided a fresh perspective, years of experience, and a professional approach to our organization, giving us confidence to move into the future.” –Paul Sorensen, President, Joy Leadership Center

…developed our skills, challenged our thinking and helped us overcome our obstacles… creative, engaging and professional… a knack for getting the most out of any situation and making it a success. Highly recommended.” –Renee Smith-Edmondson, Manager of Administration and Events, General Board of Pension and Health Benefits of The United Methodist Church

…clarified for us the questions we needed to be asking which were, in reality, different from the questions we were asking… a huge step in the right direction for us… –Wendy Togami, Director of Emerging Leaders and Communications, Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics, John Brown University

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