Implementing a responsive web design is a great step toward establishing yourself as a major player in the online marketplace of colleges and universities. Creating a responsive site will be a lot simpler if you make sure you have a few important things in line first. Here’s what to bring along when for getting your institution ready for a transition to responsive web design:

Establish your institutional brand
What are the fundamental values of your institution? What sort of things do you promise to your affiliates? Understanding exactly what makes your college or university tick at its core will help you know how to present yourself to potential students. Knowing yourself will help you know which elements of your institutional brand to highlight in your responsive web design. A good responsive site is clear, efficient, and effective. Presenting the most important things about your institution is the best way to maximize responsive web design in higher education.

Identify and understand your audience
Are you considering a switch to responsive web design primarily for the benefit of students? Alumni, faculty, or parents? Chances are that your website design impacts people with a myriad of relationships to your institution. Understanding the needs of those who will be using your responsive site is key to ensuring a positive user experience. Conducting surveys or market research about your target audience can go a long way in determining how to best utilize your responsive web design

Assemble a great team
You don’t have to be a web developer to understand the value of responsive web design for higher education. Responsive sites allow for a consistent user experience across platforms, improve search engine optimization (SEO) results, and eliminate the need for a mobile site. Regardless of how attuned you are to the good things about responsive sites, enlisting the help of a team of experts in both higher education and responsive web design will ensure that your transition to a responsive site is as smooth and efficient as possible.

Maximizing institutional web presence is incredibly necessary to the mission of any college or university. Creating a new responsive web design is too important a process to go about blindly. Stand out from the crowd; make sure you are ready for the transition to a responsive web design by knowing who you are and knowing how to best serve the family of your institution.

What do you think? What other items would you add to this list? Leave us a comment.