Responsive web design is a definite win for colleges looking to retain prospective students. Application season is over for this academic year and the class of 2018 has, for the most part, already been decided, but the class of 2019 is waiting in the wings.  Many future students may be visiting your college website as you read this. So here are a few important reasons to make the switch to a responsive website:

1. Everybody is going mobile

Well, not everybody. However, 32% of all web traffic so far in 2014 has come from either a tablet or a mobile device. If your institution is active on social media, your site is even more likely to see traffic from mobile devices. So making sure that your website is optimized for mobile access is very important – especially for the one third of students who get their first impressions of your site from their smart phones.responsive

2. SEO is better with a responsive website

Responsive websites use the same URL across all platforms, making them efficient in search engine indexing. In fact, responsive web design is officially preferred by Google. Responsive web design gives prospective students the best chance to find your institution.

3. New device = No problem

Since responsive websites are based on screen size rather than device, implementing a responsive design ensures that your institution will be ready for the future of web browsing technology. Whether or not a prospective student is browsing from their smart phone, desktop, or smart TV, their experience will always be customized.

4. Responsive websites eliminate the need for a mobile site

A responsive website adjusts to various screen sizes, not only giving a consistent experience across platforms but also eliminating the need for a separate mobile site. Streamlining website maintenance saves time and resources, allowing you  to invest in other areas without sacrificing excellence.

Responsive web design gives prospective students, parents, and potential donors alike the best user experience possible on your website. A responsive website maximizes the impact of your institution’s web presence across multiple platforms.