Since responsive web design is such a great way to meet the needs of an ever-expanding mobile audience, colleges and universities all over the world are switching their websites to responsive design. Here are some reasons why building a responsive site all by your lonesome may or may not be the best move in the book, as well as a look at the positive reasons to contract with somebody else to help develop your site.

Save time
If you don’t have a web development team, contracting with an outside party to help build your responsive site is an obvious necessity. However, even if you do have a group of individuals responsible for updating and maintaining your current site, a third party can make the process of developing a responsive site much more efficient. An additional set of responsive web design experts doing the development work for your responsive site frees up time for your current team to work on other projects important to everyday operations.

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If your institution currently has the time and resources to implement a responsive web design update from within, chances are strong that the process of creating a responsive site has already been started (or completed). Even if your responsive web design could theoretically happen without any outside help, it is extremely important to ensure that your institution’s website is as clean and effective as possible. The website is often a prospective student’s first impression of your college or university, and an outside party can add valuable perspective on how the institution is presenting itself to the outside world

Get what you pay for, save yourself the hassle
Developing a responsive site from within can save money up front, but you may end up finding yourself limited with the resources you currently have. If you don’t currently have the development expertise to implement a responsive web design, getting a staff person familiar with the culture of your college or university to learn the ins and outs of responsive web development will be difficult. Having a team of responsive web design experts familiarize themselves with your institution’s culture in order to best meet your needs is a smarter and more viable option than attempting to do the whole project from within.

Choosing between an in-house approach to responsive web design and hiring an outside firm is important when developing a responsive site. Make the best decision for your institution, keeping in mind the time and resources that you currently have available. It may be that your current team has the ability to do everything themselves; there are both advantages and drawbacks to implementing a responsive web design internally. Contracting with a team of responsive web design experts can create a smoother, superior transition for your institution to a responsive site.