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Christian publishers create a better world by helping to grow the faith of believers who lead thriving lives, advance the gospel and unconditionally love their neighbors.


The dedicated publishing team at C. Grant & Company has more than three decades of experience supporting leading publishers in all aspects of book marketing strategy, promotion and publicity. If it’s part of your marketing plan, we can do it.

We also support individual authors through the publishing process, from book concept through publication and marketing.

“The team at C. Grant & Company are experienced book marketing experts. They understand how to work with publishers and make the most of marketing budgets, large and small. We worked together on many book launches and I can recommend them as professional, responsive and innovative partners.”

Lori Cloud

Vice President of Marketing W Publishing Group (HarperCollins Christian Publishing)

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Winning campaigns start with strong strategies. We’ll work with you to develop the right marketing strategy and then develop comprehensive marketing plans based on your budget. We bring book marketing best practices to our proposals and give you a range of options for how we can support you with a successful launch.

On your behalf, we provide customized care for your authors, from marketing and platform audits and training to developing promotional materials such as memes, emails or influencer mailing kits to “help desk” on-call support.

We promote book launches through launch teams and key influencer programs tailored to your book’s author, topic and audience. Our proprietary Book Ends Club features Certified Influencers who promote your book to their wide network of book lovers.

We’ve done literally hundreds of book marketing campaigns and know what works to generate book sales. We create and execute digital advertising and content campaigns based on extensive keyword research across social and search platforms. We’ll drive customers to custom landing pages or microsites or directly to your website or retail partners.

Our experienced publicists develop short- and long-tail publicity campaigns, reaching the right print, online and broadcast media—including podcasters and bloggers—with compelling pitches and comprehensive media kits and print or digital ARC mailings.

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Our team supports authors through the entire editorial, production, distribution and marketing process. Our editors will help you with book development and copy editing. Our designers will create compelling covers and interior design.

Our marketing team will create cost-effective marketing plans to get the word out.

We will coordinate all aspects of book production and distribution, from getting ISBNs to placement on retailer sites. You’ll have a copy of your book in your hands in no time!

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